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This time solo -- my twin sister of a different mother, Colleen, didn't make the trip with me.
Pushed out of the box yet again, I was.

Flights in were no big deal.
Bluegrass airport has changed even more -- I especially loved the new lifesize bronze thoroughbred statutes, complete with grooms and exercise boys.

Lexington has grown so much. My immediate landmarks are still there: Keeneland and Calumet Farm (well, DUH, like they would be gone). Others... not so sure.

The ORIGINAL, the first, Long John Silvers store is still there. And yes, I indulged -- zomg, I have missed hushpuppies and crunchies off the fish. No, it is NOT gourmet, but it was comfort food.

Monday night was dinner with Old Friends.
People that I have not seen in probably almost 10 years.
We stay in touch via phone and email, but nothing is as good as hugs.
Good hugs -- feeling them, and remembering how much you love them!

As I walked up to the table, the first words out of my mouth were "oh my god, you people have gotten old !"

They HAVE aged -- hair colors have changed -- but they are still ALL the same people that I hold dear in my heart.
That said, the hugs and laughter began.
The guys are still the young guns I always knew.
Nothing has changed there -- maybe some hair color, but other than that, they still rock.
Ladies look GOOD -- still laughing and smiling and reminding me of how much I treasure each and every one.
We told stories on each other.... and laughed and ate and told more stories.
Three and a half hours worth.
Until the restaurant began cleaning some around us and we got the hint.

These people were, and still are, important to me.
And I made sure they understood that.

It was important to me to let them know that... to let them know that they still held a huge place in my heart and that one of the first things I thought of, when I came to town, was seeing them.

I can't wait to see the pictures!



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