Go Saints !

Jan. 8th, 2012 10:26 am
What a helluva game last night !!!
This time solo -- my twin sister of a different mother, Colleen, didn't make the trip with me.
Pushed out of the box yet again, I was.

Flights in were no big deal.
Bluegrass airport has changed even more -- I especially loved the new lifesize bronze thoroughbred statutes, complete with grooms and exercise boys.

Lexington has grown so much. My immediate landmarks are still there: Keeneland and Calumet Farm (well, DUH, like they would be gone). Others... not so sure.

The ORIGINAL, the first, Long John Silvers store is still there. And yes, I indulged -- zomg, I have missed hushpuppies and crunchies off the fish. No, it is NOT gourmet, but it was comfort food.

Monday night was dinner with Old Friends.
People that I have not seen in probably almost 10 years.
We stay in touch via phone and email, but nothing is as good as hugs.
Good hugs -- feeling them, and remembering how much you love them!

As I walked up to the table, the first words out of my mouth were "oh my god, you people have gotten old !"

They HAVE aged -- hair colors have changed -- but they are still ALL the same people that I hold dear in my heart.
That said, the hugs and laughter began.
The guys are still the young guns I always knew.
Nothing has changed there -- maybe some hair color, but other than that, they still rock.
Ladies look GOOD -- still laughing and smiling and reminding me of how much I treasure each and every one.
We told stories on each other.... and laughed and ate and told more stories.
Three and a half hours worth.
Until the restaurant began cleaning some around us and we got the hint.

These people were, and still are, important to me.
And I made sure they understood that.

It was important to me to let them know that... to let them know that they still held a huge place in my heart and that one of the first things I thought of, when I came to town, was seeing them.

I can't wait to see the pictures!
Tuesday started out with a little bit of introductions... maybe a bit of marking territory.
Some folks were more experienced than I.
'Tis fine.
I came to learn.
And I did.

5 participants.
5 ladies wanting to learn, to get THE shot, to find that sweet picture that will remind them.

At the time, I didn't realize that I came to be pushed out of my comfort zone.
But I did.
And I was.

Day 1 started at the barn with Wendy's horses.
I fell in love with Ollie.
Had I been able to pack him up and bring him home, Ollie would now be living in NJ.

We worked on lighting.
We worked on stance.

The additional plan was to have someone come out and work their horse over the jumps, but due to the extremes in weather -- Kentucky has had incredible amounts of rain lately -- it just was not safe for the young lady to work her horse over the jumps.

Matt loaned me a 70-200 f2.8 lens

OMG he created a monster.



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